When Good People Break Your Heart

I'm an avid blog reader even as I have evolved into an inconsistent blogger. I have a few favorite blogs that focus on fashion, home decor, finance etc. In other words, they have a "niche" and a "brand" and that niche/brand has nothing to do with social commentary.

So it makes sense that the recent events in the US - the police killings of Alton Sterling, Philando Castille and the terrorist attack on the Dallas policemen - should not feature in the headlines of my fave blogs. That's my default expectation but with time, I've found their silence disconcerting. Surely, life is not a glass bubble where reality does not intersect with curtain choices. Can you be a niche blogger and still talk about the issues of the day when they are too grievious to be ignored?

I got my answer today when one of my favorite home decor bloggers wrote a post with the line "All Lives Matter". She broke my heart. I'd rather be oblivious to where she stands on the issue of the injustice the US justice system bestows on black people. I guess the silence would have been preferable to knowing that she falls on the "All Lives Matter" side of the discussion.

See, the people that say "All Lives Matter" in response to "Black Lives Matter" are not the bad people. They're not the cross-burning, black-person-lynching KKK members. Nope! They're fundamentally good people; usually good christian people. And more often than not, they think that every black victim is somehow responsible for the police/vigilante bullet that ended their lives.

  • Treyvon Martin, a 17 year old kid should not have run away then turned and fought a random stranger - bigger than he was - who followed him around his (Treyvon's) neighbourhood for no apparent reason. He should not have been wearing a hoodie! He may have smoked pot. All those reasons justified his death in the hands of a punk with a gun.
  • Tamir Rice, a 12 year old playing with a toy gun in the park should have known that trained police men can't tell the difference between a real gun and a toy gun and would proceed to shoot him on sight
  • Eric Garner shouldn't have been selling cigarettes illegally. Yes but when did the punishment for that crime become being strangled to death by police without a trial?
And on it goes on and on and on. The victim blaming.

Yes police shot him while he was unarmed but do you know that he/she was a ... insert random "bad" act not punishable by death

The good people think that black people need to be more respectful of authority (read respectful as subservient and grovelling because these so called authority figures have power of life and death by virtue of a badge and a salary funded by taxpayers). 

Good people are certainly not racist. Good people live in a bubble where their biggest crime is not that they hate black people; it's that they're indifferent to black people because they do not see them as having equivalent humanity. They cannot relate to the trials of black people with any decent measure of empathy. It's really back to one black person = 3/5 of one white person.

These good people mask their indifference with a cloak of loving christian piety. 
Black lives matter we say. 
Well, ALL lives matter to God they reply. 
That's true but you're not God. Do all lives really matter to you? Or are you still living in a 60% world.

Life's Little Lessons - June 2016 Edition

If I could throw together a bunch of clich├ęs to sum up what I learnt in June, it would look something like this:

Boundaries are not drawn in ink or permanent marker
Limits are meant to be stretched and broken
Don't sell yourself short
Question the excuses you give yourself for being less than your best

Do you get the theme yet?

Everywhere I looked, the same message was coming at me with the speed of a freight train with no brakes - from church sermons to this page turner by Shonda Rhimes; the message was the same:


So I battled my inner reluctant introvert and won. I accepted a post-graduate degree offer of admission. I volunteered for a farm field trip in my kids' school. I volunteered to serve on the board of my condo association. I reached out to acquaintances that I would normally be to reticent to reach out to.

So what I've learnt and adopted this month is this
In any meaningful journey, there will be a time to say yes to the things that make you want to say no.

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Through the Lens of My Child

The past weekend, I went on an impromptu neighborhood walk with my daughters. On a whim, I gave one of them my camera because she absolutely loooooooves to take pictures and off we went. My little photog would not stop snapping and it was very infectious watching her attraction to the beauty of the world around us.

When we got home, I was surprisingly impressed by the things that captured her attention as well as the quality of her photos. Ladies and gentlemen, may I present to you some photos through the lens of my child!

I think that like her mama, she can never tire of taking pictures of flowers.

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